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Would a handheld organizer, like a Palm Pilot, be helpful in keeping a student with ADHD organized?

There are many tools which can help your child stay organized. A handheld organizer may work, but even simpler things, like a day planner, may work just as well. The key to organizational help is to select something that the student and her family and teachers can all use and adopt quickly. The following articles and websites can help you in determining the best tools for your child.

The articles below include information on how students use forms of assistive technology, like handheld organizers.

If you do choose a technology device, test out a variety of products in order to find a good match. Many companies offer free demos or 30-day-trials; if you ask, they can even cover shipping and handling costs. Take advantage of these options as much as possible and you’ll have a better sense of what works for you and your child.

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