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My daughter has lost all of her good friends. She claims it is them and not her, yet I am not so sure. Do I step in and call her friends to see what is wrong, or do I ignore this and hope that she will get some new friends? She is ADD and OCD and is a smart, beautiful young lady who has zero confidence in herself and always sees faults with everyone else.


You note several possible reasons why your daughter might not have successful social interaction skills. Her ADD, OCD, and lack of confidence might be the issues. Start with the school counselor. Ask that he/she observe your daughter and speak with her teachers. See what you can learn. Observe her when she is with other kids and try to clarify why these kids react the way they do.

If she has ADD and OCD, she is probably under the care of one or more professionals. Seek their thoughts on the problem. She might need to be in a social skills group therapy or in another program that helps her understand her behaviors and how they impact on others.

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