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My son is 15. He was diagnosed ADHD & Dyslexic in the fourth grade. My biggest problem is that I feel like the schools are against me. We didn’t get any help until junior high. By that time, my son was so frustrated that he began to act out. I am currently trying to learn the steps to take to fight the schools to get the help he needs and deserves.

Should he be tested again to see if anything has changed? Or does the diagnosis just remain the same? We had outside testing done. Otherwise, I would not even be asking because unfortunately, I don’t have much trust in the school system. I believe that they try to give out the least amount of help as possible. This web site has been a wonderful source of education for me. My biggest fear is that I will have a son that quits school because he gets frustrated just like I did when I was young.

Thank you for answering all of these questions for all of the people that have the same issues as mine, but some in different areas. Please just remind people that they are their children’s voice and that they need to help them.


I share your anger that your school system did nothing until he was frustrated and acting out. You need to do two things as a first step. Act now before he does give up. First, go to your family doctor and ask that a report be written confirming the diagnosis of ADHD. Then, send a written request to the principal of his school, requesting a meeting to discuss the need for updated testing and the probable need for an IEP.

If you put this request in writing, the principal must respond by calling such a meeting. If ignored, contact your Superintendent of School and complain. I would encourage you to take your own educational consultant to this meeting. You and your son have rights. Sometimes you have to remind the school system that this is true. Good luck.

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