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Expert Q&A

My daughter is easily distracted in the classroom and is impulsive in social situations. The teacher says that she doesn’t mind, but I know she does! How can I help her control her behavior?

The first step in helping your daughter is to determine the cause of her challenging behaviors so you can then decide the best ways to address them. You may want to visit the ADHD Basics for more information on dealing with impulsive behaviors.

This may give you a better understanding of the characteristics that children with ADHD exhibit and help you determine if you see some of these same characteristics in your own child. If so, you may wish to request a free educational evaluation for your daughter through your local public school.

In the meantime, it would be in your child’s best interest if home and school worked together to develop a behavior management plan to encourage appropriate behaviors. Young children do care and do want to please. Your child needs structure in her environment to help her control her impulses so that school can be a positive experience. Here is an example of behavior management plans:

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