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I always did very well in school, but I always suffered with writing and presentations. My anxiety level has always been high, and I was diagnosed with GAD. When I reached the university level, I asked to be tested, but didn’t have the $800. I completed two degrees after this, and when I was in the last semester of my third degree, I was told by a disabilities office that I could be assessed by a graduate student for a small amount.

I was assessed and a learning disability was confirmed, but the assessment was very vague and did not give a specific diagnosis. Now I am completing a Master’s degree and am falling far behind. I showed the University the letter confirming my disability status that I received from the disabilities office, but they insist that it must be a medical assessment. I cannot afford further testing. I am working and studying. What can I do?


First, my deepest respect for your perseverance. Wonderful. If the earlier testing was comprehensive and confirmed LD, you should not need additional testing. If the concern is the wording of the report, contact the person who did the testing.

Explain your problem and ask that he/she edit the report and send you a new copy. If this is not possible, you might need updated testing.

A medical assessment would be needed if you request accommodations based on your Generalized Anxiety Disorder or if you had ADHD. There is no need for such an assessment if your disability is a learning disability.

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