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My son has always been the type of kid who kept himself busy, making things, drawing, music. I noticed in his high school years his marks were inconsistent. He’d do well in his writing assignments and usually the homework, but on his major tests he’d door poorly. He commented that when he was doing his SATs, there was a boy sniffling with a cold and that the noise threw off his thinking. He got a low score. He doesn’t like to read books unless they have to do with music; but when he argues, I can tell he’s a smart kid.

His pre-calculus course in senior year he did pretty well except for the testing, where he didn’t seem to transfer the concepts he knew. Now he’s anticipating college with his first year in media design. Does he sound like someone who should be tested? If so, what type of place should I go to?

I cannot be specific based on the information you’ve provided. What have the school professionals been concerned about over the years? Yes, formal psycho-educational or neuro-psychological testing would be helpful in clarifying some of your questions. If the results are not helpful, he should be evaluated by a mental health professional.

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