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I was wondering if there were any good computer games to help my nine-year-old daughter in math. She has been diagnosed with dyslexia and although she is almost at grade level in reading, she is unable to remember and understand math concepts. If you know of any games we could get this summer, please let me know. Thank you.


There are a lot of good computer math games. The challenge is to select the ones that best meet the needs of the student. The Math Matrix, which matches technology tools with research on promising practices for K-8 mathematics for students with disabilities, can help you make your selection.

There are also numerous online math games that are absolutely free. Learning Mathematics with Virtual Manipulatives provides background information on virtual math manipulatives and links to several really great math sites appropriate for various grade levels. As you know, having fun while practicing and reinforcing concepts and facts is important. I encourage you to look for software and online sites that offer scenarios that will hook into your daughter’s interest and can make the concepts come alive rather than drilling only on equations and facts.

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