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Expert Q&A

I’m looking for resources for ELL students who are not Spanish speakers. Where can I find help translating enrollment forms, developing an ELL parent guide, and developing standards-based curriculum for these students?

Much of the information on the Colorín Colorado website is applicable to all English language learners, not just those whose first language is Spanish. You are certain to find something that you can use in almost every section. Be sure to check out the reading tip sheets for parents, which are provided in nine languages in addition to Spanish. Also, explore the Web Resources section for links to a variety of excellent resources for teachers of English language learners. One of the links you will find there is to the NCELA (National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition) website. In addition, check the resources on the TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) website, where you will find lots of useful information, including ESL standards for PreK through 12th grade.

Finally, you might want to explore the OWL (Online Writing Lab) website, produced by Purdue University, and the Bank Street College Literacy Guide website. Both have lots of great resources for teachers of ELLs.

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