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I think I may have Social Anxiety Disorder and ADD or a learning disability and I think the effects of my childhood have played a role in it. I think I have had it for most of my life but I can’t deal with it anymore. I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown. I’m always irritable, I can’t communicate well with people (especially around a group of people, I get very nervous). I feel disconnected and frustrated.

It is affecting my job. My boss tells me that I don’t focus and I make stupid mistakes all the time. I’m afraid I will get fired. I don’t know where to go. What places in New York City specialize in both disorders? I want to get a full evaluation. I get very overwhelmed trying to find the right resources.


Anxiety Disorders and ADHD are best diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Learning Disabilities are best diagnosed by a psychologist who does psycho-educational testing. I would start with a psychiatrist and go from there. Sorry, I cannot give you a name in NYC. Perhaps your family physician can recommend someone.

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