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Our 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed in 3rd grade with a learning disability. Her full scale IQ is 105, with her verbal being 25 points higher then her performance scores. She uses a ritalin patch for ADD. Our frustration with her is that she often procrastinates to the point where she gets totally overwhelmed. Her work ethic is not good at all. She hates school and honestly could be doing much better.

One example of this: she has a 23% in her photography elective class. The teacher said she takes amazing photos, but never finishes her projects! Any suggestions? We are having to nag her constantly, and she often tells us her work is all caught up when it isn’t.

I hear that your daughter has a learning disability and that this disability was noted since third grade. Has she received special education services? These problems do not go away but change over time. Has she been tested recently? She might have problems now with reading and retaining what she has read or with organizing her thoughts when she has to write an answer or paper.

You also note the use of Ritalin. This medication is used for ADHD but will not impact on any learning disabilities. Before you continue to “blame the victim,” seeing her as lazy, unmotivated, or procrastinating, be sure that the school and you have not clarified if she continues to have learning disabilities. My bet is that current testing will show that she does and that these disabilities are what is frustrating her. Please, don’t continue to be frustrated. She is even more frustrated. Find out why she is struggling.

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