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How do adults with ADHD or learning disabilities obtain evaluations if they do not have the money?

I have a 26-year-old son who I think may have ADHD. He was not diagnosed as a child, but in retrospect was exhibiting the symptoms of ADHD. He does not have insurance and we cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for his evaluation or testing. Is there any resource available for this?

If your son is indigent and unable to work, there are a number of government programs that he might qualify for, including SSI and Medicaid. Depending on where you live, a number of public or not-for-profit hospitals or community mental health centers provide consultation and evaluation services for people that are suspected of having psychiatric disorders, including ADHD.

Unfortunately, given the current economic situation and huge cutbacks in funding for public programs like this, it may be difficult to find an agency that can be accommodating. As a starting point, you should identify the stage agency that provides mental health services and the agency that provides public aid and health care to determine what programs are available in your community and how to access them.

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