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Dr. Silver,

My daughter was tested for learning disabilities through the school in second grade. She was diagnosed with expressive language disorder and with short-term auditory and visual processing disorder. She’s in sixth grade now and I want her to be retested by outside of the school to see what issues she’s dealing with now.

I don’t want the school to know that I’m doing it and want to see if the new testing is in line with the old results. I contacted a licensed psychologist who wants to review the school’s diagnosis before he tests her. I’m afraid it might sway him and I want a completely new, fresh and unbiased diagnosis. Must he see the old evaluation or can I keep it from him until after the testing? What’s the right thing for me to do?

Thank you,

I support your wish to have updated studies for your daughter done privately. However, it is important that the psychologist doing the updated testing have a previous baseline in order to assess for progress or for lack of progress. Showing previous testing will not bias the examiner. The testing is based on standard scores and the results will be accurate readings for your daughter.

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