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May I have a sample letter to request that my child be evaluated to determine if he or she needs special education?

I would like to know if you have a sample letter to request for my child to be tested for special education, of if you could let me know what key points I need to include in the letter?

Thank you,

Dear Elizabeth:

You have asked for a sample letter requesting testing. It does not need to be complicated. Note that the title of the person in charge of special education may vary from state to state or district to district. In some instances, the state may even have regulations which define to whom the request should be sent. If in doubt, send copies to the Director of Special Education, the school principal and the School Superintendent.

Note also that children who reside in the district but are homeschooled or attend private school in the district are also eligible to be evaluated for special education. This letter can also be used for children in those situations.

Try some variation on this:


Dear Director of Special Education:
My child, _______ , is a student at _______ School and/or lives at _______ in your school district. I am requesting that my child be evaluated in order to determine if he/she needs special education. I am requesting this evaluation because I believe my child is having problems with: _______ which may be due to a disability.

If you are in agreement that my child should be evaluated, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can discuss the test process, what testing should be done, and so I can provide written informed consent for the testing. If you do not agree that my child should be tested, please advise me of this immediately in writing, and provide me with any information I need to challenge this decision if I choose to do so.

Thank you for your assistance in advance. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Concerned Parent

Send the letter by By Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested

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