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My son was diagnosed with a seizure disorder at age 4. He was put on medication, seizure activity disappeared, and medication stopped by age 7. At age 7 he was diagnosed LD. He has had 4 separate evaluations over the years all indicating he has LD. He has experienced a lot of failure in school, despite attempts by myself, the school, learning support, private school, agencies, counselors, to remediate and help with self-esteem issues. He tested high average IQ, but at age 16 was failing all of his 10th grade classes and being consistently suspended from school for behavior problems. He has been in a wilderness program, and is now enrolled in a residential academic setting. The teacher says she sees no signs of LD. My question is, how can he be tested 4 times for LD, and now at 16, appear to have no signs? I’m very confused and not sure what to do for my son. Any suggestions?


I don’t blame you for being confused. I am also. If four comprehensive evaluations found your son to have LD, I would accept that he has LD. I can not comment on the current teacher’s statements; however, I would trust the test results over the teacher’s observations. Of great concern is that he has developed serious emotional problems and now appears to need a special program for students with emotional problems. It will be important for you to work closely with the professionals working with him. If some/many of the emotional problems are a result of the frustrations and failures he experienced because of his LD, he will need help with his academic deficits as well as his emotional and social problems. If he is treated for his emotional problems only without being aware of the impact of the LD, he will be discharged back to a school program set up to fail again. Debbie, first discuss your concerns with the professionals working with your son. Bring along all previous test data. If this meeting is not successful, find a consultant to help you.

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