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My daughter’s teacher recommended that we get Sophia tested for learning disabilities. We went to a neurologist that specializes in child development who did a full evaluation. She also referred us to an audiologist for central auditory processing testing. Our daughter scored significantly for a child with auditory processing disorder in tolerance fading memory, decoding, auditory closure & binaural separation. However she scored normal for auditory attention.

Thank you,

Although in this part of the test she scored normal, the neurologist thinks she should be put on Focalin. I thought this is for ADD. Why would I want to put her on a medication for auditory processing difficulties? The neurologist said she still thinks my daughter has attention deficit disorder even though she scored well on this part of the exam.

I don’t really understand, and I’m terrified of putting my daughter on medication - she is only 6.


You are correct to be confused. First, the testing done is not comprehensive enough to clarify if your daughter has a learning disability or not. Second, the testing done would not establish a diagnosis of ADD. You may need to seek an educational diagnostic specialist to help plan for further testing to clarify why she is having difficulty. Ask the neurologist to clarify how the diagnosis of ADD was made. Specifically, does Sophia have a chronic and pervasive history of hyperactivity, and/or inattention-distractibility, and/or impulsivity?

If she is in a public school system, the teacher was incorrect in asking you to do testing. This teacher should have recommended that the evaluation team at her school do the evaluation.

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