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My son has struggled in school his whole life. I have tried to get him tested for learning disabilities but cannot. My son is now in the 11th grade, and the high school psychologist agreed to test in December.

We met in the middle of March to discuss the results, and she said his test results showed that he is capable of doing the work. She said an average score was between 85 and 100, and most all of his scores were in that range. But when she started reading off some of the result categories, they were all academic tests (i.e., algebra, reading comprehension, etc). This was not what I expected; I thought learning disability testing was something more abstract.

I’m wondering… what kind of educational testing should I expect the school to use in determining whether or not my son has a learning disability?

A comprehensive assessment should consist of an intellectual assessment and an educational assessment. Perhaps you can get a copy of the studies done by the school and seek a second opinion from a psychologist experienced in doing psycho-educational or neuro-psychological assessments.

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