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How do I find a tutor for my dyslexic child?

There are several national organizations that may be able help you through this process and give local professional referrals. For instance, you can contact the International Dyslexia Association , or the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA). In addition, you may wish to contact your local school district to learn of any free tutoring services offered, or a local university that may have a list of teachers who also tutor.

Also, LD OnLine’s Yellow Pages service might be helpful.

The following links will give you contact information of organizations in your area that may be able to suggest tutors:

You may also want to ask the teachers and guidance counselor at your child’s school for suggestions for a tutor, since they will be familiar with his/her specific strengths and weaknesses. Local schools often know of great tutors located in the school’s neighborhood.

Lastly, be a good consumer in this process. Ask potential tutors about their experiences and what they specialize in before you choose a provider. You want to make sure that the person you choose will be a good match for your child.

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