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After a parent requests a meeting for an IEP, is there a deadline for the district to hold the meeting?

Dear Mr. Cohen,

Could you please tell me what the Illinois time limit is for response to an IEP meeting request? I understand that during the school year, it is 30 school days. But what about during the summer?

Our bipolar daughter has a classification of LD on her IEP. In order to use our Individual Care Grant for an RTC, her classification must be ED. The region has told my daughter’s school that we cannot have an IEP meeting until early fall. Our daughter is at Camp Kodiak until August 21st. We wanted her to start the school year at her RTC.


Dear Barbara,

There is no specific timeline within which any school is required to have an IEP meetings after a request for and IEP meeting by a parent. However, various administrative interpretations have indicated that an IEP meeting must be held with in a “reasonable” period of time. Typically, 30 school days would be excessively long for convening an IEP meeting after a request by a parent. In most areas of education law, a “reasonable” time is typically 10-15 school days.

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