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Can I continue to send my son to a particular public school where he is doing well, even though I moved?

My 9 year old son has been going to the same school for the last 3 years. It has been a constant battle with him. I was at school almost everyday because he was either in trouble or a meeting to decide what to try to help him. He hated school and would not even try to participate. This year he hasn’t gotten into any trouble, and he’s making A’s and B’s We recently had to move and we wanted to keep him in the same school, because he was finally doing well. We moved two streets over. I didn’t check the school zones before moving and he is now out of his schools zone. I was devastated and so was my son. The school let him go until Christmas break and then withdrew him. He has worked too hard and is finally making progress. Is there any way I can keep him in the same school in spite of the zoning? I take him and pick him up everyday. I really believe that it’s in his best interest that he stay there, and so does my son. I’m afraid if he doesn’t get to stay there all his progress will be lost and he will give up again. He only had 2 more years left to go there. Please help us!


Dear Alex:

This is a very difficult problem which is not addressed by federal law. You should consult with a local attorney, preferably familiar with school law to determine if there are any state law provisions which address this problem. Many school districts allow non-resident students to enroll on a tuition payment, but this is sometimes at the discretion of the school district, depending on state law and district policy.

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