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How do I withdraw my son from his IEP? I don’t see any progress made, his grades are worse; he is failing classes when he used to get A’s and B’s before the IEP went into effect. Also, through group sessions, he is meeting kids that I would rather he not spend time with.

Under the IDEA, the parent does not have a unilateral right to withdraw their child from special education. That decision is to be made by the IEP team and only on the basis of a reevaluation indicating the child no longer qualifies for special education, graduation or aging out. If the school team refuses to declassify your child, your options are to request a due process hearing to challenge the denial of your request or to remove your child from the public schools.

On the other hand, it appears that the program your child is receiving may not be meeting his needs. An alternative approach would be to push the school for more intense services and/or a better IEP in order that he does make progress. This lack of success may be evidence that the school’s IEP is inadequate in design, implementation or both.

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