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Hello, I’m a Resource Specialist. The policy regarding change of placement for students requires me to submit extensive documentation to the district special education coordinator. She needs to be present at the change of placement IEP. She says she needs to meet with her administrative team to decide whether to have a change of placement IEP after the information is submitted. I know we all need to work together, but isn’t it the IEP team that decides on placement?


Dear Vivian: Your question addresses whether the district administration can override the decision of the IEP team. Under the IDEA, placement decisions are supposed to be made by the IEP team, including the parents. If the administration makes its own decision about placement separate from the IEP team, it would appear that the decision making process is effectively being shifted away from the IEP team, where it belongs.

In addition, if the process is being made privately by administrators outside of the IEP process, it would appear that the decision making process is excluding the parents, which would also be contrary to the requirements of IDEA.

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