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How do I get accommodations for standardized college admissions tests, such as the SAT and ACT?

My 9th grader has been on an IEP since 2nd grade. He has some ADD with a right hemisphere processing deficit. Do his accommodations for testing apply to PSAT’s and SAT’s and how do I alert the proctors of these tests?

The agencies that administer the ACT ,SAT , and PSAT . have specific procedures for applying for accommodations on those tests. Generally, these applications are submitted on behalf of the student by the high school guidance/counseling staff based on time lines provided by the test administrators several months before the desired test administration date. Up-to-date testing is necessary to support any request for accommodations.

A child’s history of eligibility for special education or 504 accommodations helps to establish a record of disability, and the need for accommodations, but prior eligibility does not by itself provide a basis for eligibility for accommodations on the tests. Those decisions are made by the Test Administration agencies based on a combination of evaluation data, a record of impairment, and, to the extent provided, prior history of special education or 504 services.

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