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Does an IEP stay the same when your child goes to middle school? I have a child who goes to school 3.5 hours a day and studies math, reading, and language. The teacher is telling me that things are different in middle school and my daughter has to take science and lose one of the three recommended!

She also states my child has to change classrooms no matter what! Nothing in the IEP is being followed and I am considering homeschooling her if the IEP cant be followed. Please help!


Dear Debra,

The IEP is supposed to be reviewed and revised on at least annually, regardless of whether your child is changing grades or changing schools. The IEP must be tailored to the child’s individual needs, regardless of the setting in which it will be implemented.

As students move up grade by grade, the IEP must be adjusted to take into account the differing needs the student may have in response to the increased demands of the higher grades and the new schools. If the school is failing to implement the IEP, this is a potential violation of your child’s right to a free appropriate public education, regardless of which grade or school they are attending in the current year.

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