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My son attends a private school and was diagnosed with dyslexia. We are now faced with an extra bill for lessons. Fundamentally, we think this wrong and feel we are paying twice for his education. Could you offer any advice on this?


Short question with a long answer. First, the private school’s obligation to do anything is dependent on, a) whether it received federal funds, in which case it is governed by Section 504, or b) is religiously controlled and doesn’t receive federal funds, in which case it is not governed by the ADA either. If it is governed by ADA or 504, they must provide reasonable accommodations, but don’t necessarily have to provide tutoring.

On the other hand, you can still enroll him part-time in the public school, which may need to provide him with assistance in his area of disability if he qualifies for services. However, the public school can do this on their site.

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