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How do you remove a low score (due to failure of the school to make accommodation) from your child’s permanent record?

My daughter is a middle school student with 504 testing accommodations due to an anxiety disorder. Her processing speed is slow and she also has ADHD.

Last year she was given the NYS Math exam and was not given the extended time that should have been available to her as per her 504 plan. She scored a 1 on the exam. This year her math average is approximately 85%. Since the score is invalid, I would like it removed from her permanent record. Is this possible? I am not getting a great deal of cooperation from the school district.

Thank you,

It is highly likely that New York has a school student records act that allows for parents to review and challenge contents and accuracy of any school record. In any event, you have the right under the Federal law Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to review and challenge your school records. This includes the right to request an impartial hearing if the school refuses your request.

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