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I am currently dealing with a learning and physical disability dilemma with a school I attended. I am wondering if they have failed to meet the standards of the law regarding students with disabilities.

Could you possibly direct me to an official government Web site or one that contains the exact laws or protocol of California and the United States in dealing with students with disabilities? Who can I contact? Who can help me?

Any information would be very helpful.


Dear Emily:

Your question relates to how you can find copies of relevant disability laws in your state and for the federal law. A free service, Find Law, can generally provide access to each state’s statutes, including their disability and special education statutes.

In addition, each state has a Web site which will provide access to these laws. If you go to any web-based search engine and type in the name of your state and “disability laws” or “special education law,” it will generally give you multiple sites that provide this information.

At the federal level, a different version of Find Law can also access federal laws. In addition, the special education laws can be accessed through the U.S. Department of Education Web site.

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