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Where can I find an attorney who will fight to obtain all legal rights guaranteed by an IEP?

Please give a list of good independent attorneys in Oregon who will go to the wall for clients, not stop and run from the school board. Many parents are finding that the attorney will only do the easy part of an IEP and not require the Corvallis School District to do what’s right under the law.

We even had a special education teacher who was not certified in special education, and the attorney did not file a complaint with the state. Why is the district more important then the child? Please give a list of professionals who will implement the NCLB and ADA to the fullest. Thank you.

You have asked for legal resources to find a lawyer who may have knowledge of special education law. There are a number of websites that provide information on lawyers who may work in the special education or broader disability field. Here a few:

The Council of Parents, Attorneys and Advocates

The American Bar Association Committee on Mental and Physical Disabilities

The National Disability Rights Network can direct you to the Protection and Advocacy organization in your state which provides legal assistance on behalf of persons with disabilities.

Every state has a federally funded Parent Training and Information Center, which provides information on special education issues and may be able to direct you to legal resources in your state related to special education. You can locate the parent training center or centers in your state.

Finally, all state departments of education and local school districts are required to provide parents, on request, a list of low or no-cost legal services available in the state to assist with special education matters.

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