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I am a parent of a nine-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome. He likes to do computer games to learn math, but he cannot handle the time constraints of most games. Are there any downloadable games or software that are fun, but not timed?

I know of a couple of resources that may be of help to you. MathTools(opens in a new window) is a community digital library that supports the use and development of software for mathematics education. Through this site you can search by grade level and math topics to find a wealth of games and activities. As you will see, some of them are timed, although many are not. Improving Basic Mathematics Instruction(opens in a new window), a monograph published by the Technology and Media Division of CEC, offers resources and tips for selecting the appropriate technology for students with disabilities and includes a matrix of online games reviewed for several features, including whether it is timed. As noted above, the TechMatrix(opens in a new window) offers valuable information on the features of more than twenty math software products that will help you find math games and activities to motivate your son to increase his math skills.

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