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What are some programs to use with students experiencing difficulties in math in grades 3-5? Our school is one for children with learning disabilities and ADHD. We really want to help the kids. Thank you.


There are many programs available for students who struggle with math. The key is to select programs that are rich in content that also match the specific needs of the students.

The Tech Matrix(opens in a new window) provides reviews of math software programs and related research. Products and research are categorized by the content areas identified by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics to help you find software that address the topic of concern: Number and operations; Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebra.

Features in the reviews may also help you identify products that can meet a particular need. A growing number of software programs offer a variety of features to help struggling students learn math skills, such as speaking the problems aloud, taking dictated answers, or adjusting the speed of expected responses.

10 Tips for Software Selection for Math Instruction(opens in a new window) are resources that may help you in your search for activities that can reinforce your child’s math lessons.

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