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What advice can you give me about the effectiveness of a computer training program vs. Slingerland tutoring for auditory processing disorders?

My child, who is in the 2nd grade, has been tested and found to have an auditory processing issue. This may be why he is well behind his peers in reading. I am considering the Fast ForWord© computer training program. Do you have any advice for me regarding its use as opposed to traditional Slingerland tutoring?


Before you make a decision about any single program or method to assist your son with his reading, it may be beneficial for you to explore Target the Problem, an on-line interactive tool that will help you learn more about auditory processing disorders and how they impact reading. Also, while Fast ForWord© may be of value to your son, there are other training programs on the market for you to investigate, as well as various tutoring methods in addition to Slingerland. There are also other strategies that can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, tutoring and training programs. Check to see if any programs can be supported with trained tutors or specialists in your area. The key is to understand how this disorder impacts your son and to match the strategies, methods and/or programs that best meet his specific needs.

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