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First I want to express my thanks for all the information available on the site.

Dr. Silver: My daughter is 12 years old and in sixth grade. Since first grade, she has had difficulties in reading and spelling. I had her tested recently for dyslexia. She was placed in extended school year services, tutoring at school, and given accommodations.

I wish I could have had her tested earlier. I sent her to a reading specialist in the summer, which was costly. I also have her go to a tutor, who works well with her but does not have the credentials of the reading specialist (who also tested her).

Question: Do I do a combination of both or just keep her with the tutor? I put her in private school, because I felt she would get lost in the system. Also, I am looking for a school that offers a program which works with kids like her. I am a single mother, trying to find the best possible avenues to bring out my daughter’s talents.

Your daughter will need both remedial tutoring and an education program that can accommodate for her special needs. If she is in a public school, these services should be available. If she is in a private school, your resources may be more limited. Do you have an educational consultant or someone at her school who coordinates her special education program? If so, discuss these needs with this person.

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