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My son, who just completed Kindergarten and turned six in June, is one of the youngest in his class. He recognizes all letters and knows all letter sounds, but just CANNOT put the easiest three letter words together by sounding them out. We just had an appointment with a Developmental Pediatrician because he show difficulties focusing, he seems bright but only concentrates when something interests him. Math and other subjects are fine, but in reading, he is below grade level and constantly has to be redirected.

I wanted him to repeat Kindergarten but in an EPT meeting, it was decided not to because he has the potential. The Developmental Pediatrician said that some kids just can’t learn how to read before they’re seven. Could he have some “blockage?” He may be dyslexic.

The doctor told us to wait half-a-year and see how he does in first grade and then, if his reading is still below grade level, to see a speech therapist / specialist for dyslexia — do you agree? Do you think there is anything we can do to help him before first grade starts? He is already aware of the fact that all the other children can read and he can’t. He almost seems like he’s giving up.


As your developmental pediatrician mentioned, development can be uneven between three and six or seven, especially for boys. Some kids are reading by first grade and some are not. Let him know that it is perfectly normal that he has not yet learned. “That is what first grade is for.”

I would let him start first grade. If you find him behind in a skill area, discuss with his teacher. If you feel he is frustrated, you might try to get the school to provide more reading help or get a private reading tutor. It may be too early to jump to formal testing.

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