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My son was diagnosed at the end of first grade with short term memory problems and some phonics problems after falling behind in reading. His school is working hard with him, but it is a struggle at home to get him to read.

As soon as we say its time to read for a few minutes he is annoyed (he is now in the third grade) and gets quickly frustrated even with our help. He also seems to start to yawn soon after starting to read, even though he goes to bed at 8:00 p.m. and gets up at 7:00 a.m.) We let him pick what he wants to read and take breaks, but it is still a struggle. Are there issues we and the school could have missed and are there any suggestions on how to make reading less of a struggle?

If your child is in the third grade and continues to have problems with reading, despite what the school is doing, I would be worried. First, clarify what the school is really doing. You might find that he gets 30 minutes once or twice a week in a small group or that the interventions are not appropriate.

Yes, I would push to get him tested. Start by requesting a meeting of the special education team at your school along with the principal. Express your concerns and note that whatever is being done is not adequate. Request formal studies to clarify why he is not making progress. Please persist. Your son needs you to do this.

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