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My son has a very hard time reading and comprehending. He is in the fifth grade and reads at a second grade level. We work with him at home, and he goes to special education classes at school; but I really think he needs much more.

He has a hard time naming items. For example, he asked me, “Mom, where is the sweeper thing?” instead of asking for the broom. Or he would say, “Do you remember the place with all the games and the mouse or rat thing?” instead of saying Chuckie Cheese. It’s like his brain is not able to process what something is without describing it first.

What type of help can be offered with this type of disability? Or is this even a disability? The school did not offer a suggestion.

You should not have to wonder if your son has a learning disability or a language disability. Send a letter to the principal requesting a meeting to discuss your son. At this meeting, request formal testing to clarify if he has a learning disability or a language disability.

If the principal refuses or the meeting does not result in scheduling such testing, state that you do not agree and want to appeal this decision. (You can learn more about these steps and your rights in my book The Misunderstood Child.)

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