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My son is 13 and in 6th grade. He has nonverbal learning disabilities. His Full Scale Intelligence Quotient is 91. This is his 1st year in middle school. His resource placement is with the lowest functioning children of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I was told that he was placed here because of his learning needs.

He is not happy; he is socially very aware of where he is. He wants to know why he can’t be with his regular friends. I feel that some of his work gets so “modified” that he is not learning to his potential. I really think that some of his teachers can not figure out how to teach him. I know his LD is complicated, but he CAN learn. He hates school and is very frustrated with it. I see sadness in him that returns every year.

It can’t be another wasted year. I don’t want him in this placement for the rest of middle school. He is probably too far behind to be put in the regular LD resource room. I don’t know how to fix all this. Do you have any suggestions?

You need to sit down with an educational consultant to discuss his current level of abilities and disabilities and to think through what your options are. If you have difficulty finding such a person, contact the Learning Disabilities Association of America(opens in a new window) for leads.

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