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Dr. Silver,

I am a parent of a 15-year-old son who has not been diagnosed. The school district he is in tells me that they do not have a way to assess him. Therefore, his needs are not being met. They keep sending me to all kinds of doctors to be diagnosed (i.e. medical, eye, psychologist) and they are all sending me back to the school district for testing.

What can I do? It is very frustrating to know that if my child is diagnosed, there are people and foundations that would fit him perfectly. His school’s learning disability teacher does not know the techniques that are suggested in the articles at this site. Please help me.

I do not understand what your school professionals mean when they say they do not have a way to assess him. (Is it possible that you have not provided me with other important information?) Your public school system cannot send you to someone else to do studies.

Step one (if not already done), seek a parent consultant/advocate who can advise you on your rights. Step two, with this advocate, present a formal request to the principal of his public school, requesting an evaluation. Step three, if refused, ask for the procedure for filing an appeal and file one. Good luck.

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