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My son is mildly dyslexic, 16 years old, and a sophomore in high school. Somehow homework and class work disappear between generation and turning it in. It has gotten worse. My son is taking AP Government and has a wonderful teacher. But how do we overcome this “missing link” where homework doesn’t get turned it and occasionally class work doesn’t get turned in.


Many students with learning disabilities (a term used by school system rather than dyslexia) have problems with organization. They misplace or lose their papers, reports, homework; they leave things at home that are needed in school and in school things that are needed at home. Their backpack may be chaotic. This disorganization might include losing personal objects or keeping bedroom presentable. It sounds as if your son has such problems. He will need a special education tutor who can help him develop organizational skills much as special tutors helped him with reading and writing in the past. Getting upset with him won’t work. Get him the help he needs.

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