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I am a fifth grade teacher and I have a student who is medicated for ADHD with a patch. He shows an attention rate of about 85 percent throughout a school day. However, I have found that he experiences trouble in reading and in speaking at times. When called upon to orally read in class, he must stare at the text for approximately 20 seconds in order to verbalize his words. He also experiences this at times in beginning communication. Do you have any ideas of what the causes may be, or how I can assist him? Maybe games or skills practices that could help.



About 50 percent of students with ADHD will also have a learning, language, and/or motor disability. If your student is in fifth grade and struggling with reading, has he been evaluated by your school system for a possible learning disability? You also describe difficulties processing what he hears and what he must organize in his head before he can speak. Has he been evaluated for a language disability?

I think it is wonderful that you want to better understand and help. Start with getting psycho-educational and speech-language evaluations. These data will help guide your classroom efforts.

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