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I am severely dyslexic. Have several versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition programs. None work for me. I cannot read precisely enough for the program to recognize my voice. Do you know of any other programs out there that do not require this type of reading to train the program?

For users who struggle with reading clearly and precisely, training a speech recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking(opens in a new window) (particularly older versions) can be challenging. The good news is that Dragon 9 (the most recent version) does not require training. This allows users to get started right away without having to read lengthy texts or training scripts.

Other programs, such as SpeakQ(opens in a new window), may also be helpful. SpeakQ allows users to choose from a list of training texts at various reading levels, or create your own training text. SpeakQ also has speech prompting if you have trouble reading a training text. Using this feature, SpeakQ will read the training text aloud, requiring the user to repeat the text aloud. This may be of assistance if you are struggling to read a training text correctly.

Another benefit of SpeakQ is that it is combined with WordQ, a word prediction program with text-to-speech capabilities. This feature means that you can directly dictate words, or opt to use the “speech-enabled word prediction” which presents your spoken words as a list of choices. This may help reduce errors and allow you to be more accurate.

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