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School Leadership Teams for Technology Implementation

National Technology Implementation Expert
The goal of a sustained, school-wide technology implementation program is to meet the needs of all students. It takes a School Leadership Team to meet this goal.
Effective district- and/or school-wide technology implementation begins with strong leadership…

Who Should be on the Team?

Ideally, the School Leadership Team should include a school leader (principal or assistant principal), as well as those representing curriculum, technology, professional development, assessment, special education, and ELL.  Realistically, the composition of teams may vary given overlapping roles, funding, demographics, school size, and other factors. Who is or should be on the team in your school?

Once a team is formed, the members need to (1) schedule meetings to be held on regular basis and (2) develop communication plan for team members and with the school. Use this module(opens in a new window) to help your team get started.

How Does the Team Guide and Support Implementation?

The chart below lists five recommendations for Leadership Teams and suggested action steps.

Recommendations Action Steps

Enhance Your Vision And Set Goals

  1. Read vision statements and goals written by districts around the nation
  2. Ensure that your vision and goals describe how technology will support student learning
  3. Record and share your work with staff and parents

Gather Data To Drive Decision Making

  1. Gather all extant student, teacher and school data
  2. Analyze data and determine if additional data needs to be collected to address priorities 
  3. Collect additional data if necessary and use data to inform professional development  planning and implementation activities

Define Your Technology Budget

  1. Review your existing budget
  2. Determine costs for upgrading infrastructure and purchasing new devices
  3. Identify funds to meet short- and long-term goals
  4. Develop a multiyear plan to support sustainability of technology costs
  5. Review and refine your budget as needed

Plan Professional Learning Opportunities

  1. Refine goals and set focus
  2. Define modes of professional learning activities
  3. Determine frequency of professional learning opportunities
  4. Set concrete, actionable goals
  5. Reflect and refine professional learning plan

Provide Technology Access And Support

  1. Complete/revise your Technology Inventory Record Sheet
  2. Plan how you will provide increased technology access
  3. Determine how teachers will access support when experiencing technical difficulties and communicate this information to all staff 

Review all of the recommendations in more detail(opens in a new window). Find specific strategies for translating the recommendations into action with the Support Modules(opens in a new window).

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