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Tips for Parents to Encourage Writing

  • Share your own writing. Show your child personal, business, and consumer letters you write as well as receive.
  • Organize a chalkboard or bulletin board for written messages for all family members.
  • Involve your child in family writing activities such as making shopping lists, instructions for babysitters, directions for visitors to your house, plans for birthday parties, and notes for school.
  • Have your child write thank-you letters for gifts.
  • Encourage your child to write and draw cards to send to relatives and friends for birthdays and holidays.
  • Promote letter-writing of all kinds, such as notes to the tooth fairy or pen pals.
  • Suggest special writing projects. Your child can make yard sale signs, posters for his or her room; or keep a diary, journal, or a vacation notebook.
  • Point out a writing error now and then. Let your child correct it. Be sure not to over criticize.
  • Remember that good writing means more than “correctness.” Focus on the meaning more than the mechanics.
  • Be patient. Writing develops slowly with practice.
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