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Response to Intervention

A Way to Help Students Before They Fail

More schools are using a process called Response to Intervention (RTI) to see if a child might have a learning disability. Response to Intervention provides specially designed instruction for children who have scored low on general tests.

Writing & Spelling

Dysgraphia: More Than Just Bad Handwriting

Teachers and parents should suspect dysgraphia if a child’s handwriting is unusually difficult to read. Find out more about this neurological problem that can cause physical pain as some children struggle to write.

Reading & Dyslexia


This article describes the basic facts about dyslexia, a learning disability that most commonly affects reading, spelling, and writing.


What to Do About ADHD in Children?

Attention deficit disorder (ADD), and its related form attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), affect an estimated five to ten percent of children worldwide. Experts say the cause involves a chemical imbalance in the brain.
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