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legal question regarding IEP signatures

Submitted by an LD OnLine user on

In my school district we have a psych. who historically has not provided written initial or triennial reports to parents, nor are they in student’s files. This person may do a few subtests on standardized tests and at IEP meetings, remarks that she’d ‘like to give a few more subtests’, but never does. We have stacks of files with no psych. reports. When team members sign those IEP’s, knowing that the parents didn’t and won’t receive a copy of a report, nor did their child get a complete assessment, what is our legal responsibility and ramifications should any of these cases go to fair hearing? Should we stop signing those IEP’s?

Submitted by DRHD on Thu, 04/25/2013 - 7:24 PM


From what I read in this message, I conclude the very real possibilities of some breeches of procedural safeguards. First, I would like to know the state you teach within. Please provide this to me.

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