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from homeschool to highschool

Submitted by an LD OnLine user on

It all began last year,after contacting the sped director,telling me to go to the office to enroll my son in school again.the principal asked for samples and books of what he was doing,so that he can go over it.I gave him what I had left,after 2 weeks not hearing anything.I called the sped director and she told me to get my stuff back and enroll him in the guidance office.Shortly after that we had an IEP meeting,I handed the sped director the evals that he had,with a two page list of reccomendations.She told me that there were too many to list on his IEP and she only listed:limited writing assignments, shortened assignments and a study guide.there was nothing else.She said if his teachers wants to look at the reccommdations they can.Well,he was placed in a semi-seculded classroom. Soon afterwards,the behavior problems began.Long story short and after two suspensions,several visits to the vice principals office and an in school suspension later,I pulled him back out to home school him again.My son was tested and did not qualify for ADHD,but they are thinking more on the lines of ppd-nos and odd.he will go for testing in a few weeks.The teachers kept calling and emailing me saying he is refusing to work and that all he wants to do is go home.So in essence that what they kept doing.This is another year,I want to go in with a plan this time,so this doesn’t repeat itself.Any suggestions and would this have anything to do with why the sped director is calling his folder a due process file?

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