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Forced IEP, Faulty MFE,

Submitted by an LD OnLine user on

Since August the school has meet with my wife and I to draft our children’s IEP(s). Why so long?

Our family was not given the opportunity to attend the ETR meeting for the MFE results. The initial IEP drafts used IEP progress report data as current level of performance.

The IS performed testing and found that our children, (both children mind you) actually were 3 years further in their math levels than they tested at the end of the last school year. That is a 3 year increase in 4 months. WOW that’s great! according to the IS, there are two reasons why this could have occurred. First, the IS remembers a conversation I had where I informed the team that I would be working on math with my children in the summer. So that is one good reason how my children jumped three grade levels each. Second, maybe my sons did not give it their all when tested at the close of the school year. The IS sent an email and said she talked to my children and in fact they told her that they did not give it there all.

After speaking to my children, I heard a very different story. First my children did not tell the teacher they did not give their all to a test that they took 4 months ago.

Now who is a parent to believe? After all IS teachers are trained to collect information for special needs students that have a hard time communicating, and help to “connect the dots.”

Maybe what is more disturbing is the fact that my children used there lecture recording devices to record this meeting with the teacher, where they clearly stated they gave their best, and you can hear the IS needling the children with “could it be possible” statements in attempt to illicit a different response.

What I feel as a parent is that the school did not provide proper testing of my children. The school then attempts to secure statements from my children after the fault in testing is found, as if they would be the cause. the school has forced the IEP(s) into action with full knowledge that the MFE data is incorrect. Present levels of performance are still not present in the IEP(s).

So my questions are.

1.) How on God’s green earth can a school system get away with this?
2.) What steps do we as parents take?

Many ask what is our goal? Very simple. Our children to be given an adequate education.

Is this asking too much?

Submitted by eoffg on Tue, 11/27/2012 - 11:29 AM


Their is a hidden test of children with an LD?
Which is a test of whether the parents know their legal rights?
While not all schools test parents on this? Many do. Where it seems that you have one of these schools, which will do nothing correctly, unless a parent proves that they know the laws.
But fortunately their is a website, Wrights Law. Which provides a lot of helpful information.

Submitted by GenJennai on Wed, 10/09/2013 - 12:46 PM


According to the new IDEA of 2004, parent involvement is required for input into a child’s IEP. Have you reached out to Wrightslaw yet? I have attended the conference given by Pete Wright and it was amazing! I feel secure enough to attend any IEP conference with backup and I know where to find things if needed. I strongly suggest you go, if possible! Best of luck!

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