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The schools favorite thing to say is,the child doesn’t want to do it,he is capable but refuses.How do they know? How can teachers decide,if its because for his disabilities or the child being lazy? How then does this apply to a Positive support behavior plan?

Submitted by bulakay on Thu, 10/10/2013 - 4:11 AM


The school should complete a functional behavior assessment (FBA) as a team with your input. In order to decide that a child is lazy and can do the given task, your child would have needed to demonstrate this skill previously. The functional behavior assessment asks questions and helps staff to evaluate why the student is behaving in this way. Has the school done an FBA on your child? From the FBA we can then decide whether a behavior intervention plan (BIP) is warranted. The plan, if needed is then formulated as a team with your input to provide a structure for your child to perform the requested behavior.

Good luck!

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