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IEP meeting-uneasy feeling

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My son is in special ed 100% of the time. He has been since 3rd grade he is now in 10th. He has a language based learning disability. Which seems to be foreign to his teacher….like she didn’t seem to understand what that meant? She is special service, that’s what her job title is.

defined to me it means, he comprehends most of what you are saying to him he just takes longer to respond to anything. He is also ADD.

Today’s IEP meeting, my son wasn’t even there. I would have requested him but I wasn’t even aware the meeting was starting, as it was just his main teacher and I?? Over the years there has always been an administrator present, along with a counselor and when he had speech and hearing they were present as well. She asked if he was at school today, which I was like you’re his teacher wouldn’t you know this. She mumbled something about getting him and never did. Then mentioned oh I didn’t get Perry….would you like me to get him so he can say hi? Really? Say hi? The meeting is over now, why bother he was suppose to be part of the process.

Just frustrated…..feel like the school should focus on getting the child to learn at the best of their ability and push them to do so.

Submitted by dhfl143 on Thu, 10/17/2013 - 3:34 AM


My daughter has been participating in her 504 meetings since 7th grade. It is important for students to develop their self advocacy skills, as you won’t always be there when they are grown.

Have you started transitional planning? What was the outcome of the IEP? Did you get notice that you were attending an IEP meeting or did you just think you were attending a parent teacher conference?

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