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Please help!! Can’t go to universities to get Higher educati

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Hello everyone, this is Kimberly aged 29 my issue is that as I am a handicap it’s really difficult for me to go to universities to get higher education so I am looking for online universities that offer online courses and offers a degree that is both accredited and recognized by appropriate authorities locally. Now I am not quite sure that the online degrees that are offered are legitimate or not and if they are for real then what is its market acceptability? Do the employers recognize it and will I get a good job after doing this course?

I have browsed through the internet and came to know that there are few online universities that are associated with top notch United States universities and are offering different degrees in various fields and the programs are based on online courses plus they also offer some kind of work experience degrees named Life experience degree. So my question here is that after completing this online degree program will I be awarded with a similar degree that is offered at traditional universities in United States or not? If anybody knows about it please let me know. Awaiting for your help.

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Hello there, I think it depends on the field. I’ve heard that sometimes they’re regarded equally, but in some fields they’re not.

I would suggest trying to find a “bricks and mortar” university that you’ve heard of(one with a campus) that offers the degree you want online.

If the link you click on does not have the name of a university you recognize (online or otherwise), DON’T CONSIDER IT. Those are the programs that are generally not legitimate/equal to non-online degrees.

For online schools I would suggest trying South University, Walden University, or The University of Phoenix. Otherwise, look at colleges or universities that are local to you and research their online degree options.

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