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ADHD spelled out in Scrabble letters


The behaviors of a child with ADHD can be hard to understand sometimes — especially if a child is seen only once or twice a week in a group after-school activity. Do you recognize Billy? His behaviors are often seen in children with ADHD.

About Stephen... and Fresh Starts

The promise of a successful year is the hope of every student and teacher. Educator Brenda Dyck shares the story of Stephen and ponders the importance of offering a fresh start to every student who enters her classroom.

Two graphics of speech bubbles and one has three dots in it

ADHD and Communication

With any conversation or interaction, our expectations of the outcome influence how we hold ourselves, our choice of words, and our tone of voice. Learn more about ADHD and communication.

ADHD: Building Academic Success

Many children labeled at-risk — including those disabled by Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) — fail to thrive, or even survive, in current school environments.

ADHD Evaluation

Skilled evaluation is an integral step towards fully and compassionately understanding a child’s experience. Learn more about ADHD evaluation.

ADHD: Same Label, Different Settings

My overall approach in solving behavioral problems is crystallized in the title of a small book I wrote for School-Age Notes in 1995, Discipline in School-Age Care: Control the Climate, Not the Children. In it, I asked providers to think about an essential question: Do the behavior problems we see “live” within certain children and will they inevitably act out these unacceptable behaviors once they enter our space? Or do they “come alive” in our environments?

ADHD Teacher Knowledge of Stimulant Medication and ADHD

Teachers play a critical role in identifying and treating ADHD. Their observations form the core of the eventual diagnosis, and their feedback helps shape treatment, especially with stimulant medication. But how knowledgeable are they about ADHD and treatment medications? This study examined teachers about this topic — find out the surprising results.
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