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About Stephen... and Fresh Starts

The promise of a successful year is the hope of every student and teacher. Educator Brenda Dyck shares the story of Stephen and ponders the importance of offering a fresh start to every student who enters her classroom.

Achieving Good Outcomes in Students with Learning Disabilities

A long line of research in psychology has focused on concepts of risk and resilience. This work studies youngsters who are at risk for a variety of reasons and the factors that seem to enable some at-risk children to do well in the face of adversity. 

Two siblings smiling at the camera

Advice to Kids with Learning or Social Problems About Siblings

Does your child with social skills difficulties have trouble with their brothers and sisters? Read them this advice which is written just for them! And then read the section for you, the parent. Richard Lavoie gives powerful advice on how all people in the family can get along.

Art and Learning Disabilities

I was a hopeless student when I was in grade school. “Patricia Buckley is not proficient in any subject” was the summary on one of my school reports. I have always had a lot of energy and a mind that runs all over the place. Only when I am drawing or painting am I both quiet and concentrated. A grade school teacher saved me. She told my mother. “You need to get Pat to a school where art is appreciated. That is where her talent lies.”
That's Like Me

Bridging My Two Worlds

Jill Lauren’s That’s Like Me! is a book about 15 students with disabilities who face challenges in school but express their creativity and talents through hobbies. In the foreword, excerpted here, children’s book illustrator Jerry Pinkney describes growing up with two personas: Jerry the gifted artist and Jerry the struggling reader.

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